USDA Won’t Regulate Genome-Edited Crops

The USDA issued a release this past week stating that the agency does not have any plans to regulate plants that have been genome-edited… What the USDA is doing here is drawing a line in the sand: if a plant (or whatever) is altered by adding genes from some unrelated plant, it’ll be regulated. If no other plant is involved, you can mess around in the genome of your subject however much you want, without oversight. Plants that would thus qualify for regulation-free modification include those edited with a process usually referred to as CRISPR, or gene editing.

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GMO Labeling Laws Need Fine Tuning

Food products should not be labeled as “non-GMO” if there is no GMO counterpart for that product.

That was the measure approved by delegates at the annual American Farm Bureau Federation convention this month. Measures approved by the nation’s largest farming organization ranged across a series of topics important to agriculture, from crop insurance to trade to immigration. The measures taken up at the national convention start at the county level before being approved at the state level.

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Top 5 GMO Lies

This blog prides itself on taking a neutral stance on the GMO issue. However, I just couldn’t help but share the following video. What a great job they did with the voices. When someone on the other side produces a good video we’ll be certain to share it in response. Actually, the issues raised in the video are not too far off the mark when it comes to what the issues are with GMO crops. Continue reading “Top 5 GMO Lies”