China backs GMO Soy

IMAGE: CSIRO (breeding soybeans that are better suited to making soy foods such as tofu and soymilk)
Credit: CSIRO

The worlds #1 importer of soybeans has embarked on a 5-year plan to embrace genetically modified crops. Dominique Patton, reporting for Reuters New Agency, outlines the plans published on government website to push forward with genetically modified cotton, corn, and soybeans. There appears to be more of a focus on corn presently, but soy is definitely in the plan. There is, as expected, some resistance to using the modified seed locally, but the majority of soy used in the country is imported presently, and is genetically modified. Presently, the GMO soy is used as animal feed. The push for GMO crops comes down to one of efficiency for farmers, as the modified crops require less pesticide or are resistant to weed-killer.

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