Trial Shows Positive Results

It’s been proven safe and effective in other countries. The NBC2 investigators broke the story last month when the FDA gave the green light to release genetically modified mosquitos in a Florida Keys neighborhood. But the idea of genetically modifiying a species created controversy. NBC2’s Rachel Polansky went behind the scenes with Oxitec. The town of Key Haven was chosen for the experiment because it is surrounded by water and is easy to isolate for the experiment geographically. The company already released the mosquitos in Panama, Brazil and the Grand Cayman Islands, where it claims to have reduced the Aedes Aegypti mosquito by 90%. The FDA’s approval paves the way for the Florida Keys Mosquito Control Board to make a decision. They are awaiting the results of a straw poll to be taken in November before making that decision. Once that decision is made, Oxitec could begin deploying the GM mosquitos in six weeks time.

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