Genetic Modification:
Process, not Product

I believe we need to keep in mind that not all genetically modified products are the same. The procedures used to produce them are a separate issue from the products themselves. Whatever someone’s beliefs are regarding genetic modifications, those concerns should be separated from concerns over whether a food source is safe or not. Rather a food source is derived from GMO or not does not inherently make it good or evil. The proof of the pudding here, is in the eating, so to speak. Foods that are grown conventionally, from seed that has not been modified, are not necessarily safe to eat, and in the same way, foods that are grown from modified seed are not inherently bad. Both need to be looked at with discerning eyes.

While unforeseeable health issues are often at the forefront of public concern, foods containing GMOs have been on grocery shelves for more than 20 years. Piles of evidence suggest that eating GMOs is no riskier than eating conventional foods.

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