Local Wheat?

Photo: Markus Hagenlocher, Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Markus Hagenlocher, Wikimedia Commons

There is a new trend happening regarding wheat (and other commodities presumably), where farmers are taking care to preserve the identity of their crops, thus demanding higher prices.

There is a movement afoot that celebrates the diversity of wheat flavors, coming from seed that has been used in a particular region for centuries (in many cases seed that naturally thrives in a particular environment). These varieties are known as “landraces” or by the french word “terroir.” The subject of GMOs goes hand in hand with identity preservation. See this article about Identity Preservation if you are not familiar. It’s not only the seed that defines the flavor for some of these strains of wheat, but the climate and soil in each particular landrace. Certain varieties are sought after for making pasta, or bread. Here is an example¬†of a company capitalizing on the concept of identity preservation.

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