Top 5 GMO Lies

This blog prides itself on taking a neutral stance on the GMO issue. However, I just couldn’t help but share the following video. What a great job they did with the voices. When someone on the other side produces a good video we’ll be certain to share it in response. Actually, the issues raised in the video are not too far off the mark when it comes to what the issues are with GMO crops. Continue reading “Top 5 GMO Lies”

You be the judge…

Here are links to 2 sites, one pro-GMO (from a government agency), the other con-GMO. I’m sure that the devil lies in the details here, and a thorough reading on both sites would behoove us all.

gmo answers
GMO Basics
gmo fact check
ANH USA – Biotech companies claim their products are safe, but won’t allow independent studies of their seeds.

Bt Brinjal Farmer Speaks Out

Eggplant farmer, Mohammad Hafizur Rahman
Eggplant farmer, Mohammad Hafizur Rahman

Check out this video of Bengladesh farmer, Mohammad Hafizur Rahman setting straight the record about his Bt Brinjal crop. If we can believe the translation and subtitles, he claims to have a 100% increase in yield using genetically modified Bt Brinjal (eggplant). Evidently, an earlier news report about his fields dying prematurely were unfounded (if you read the comments in this story by the Alliance for Science (Cornell), there is some push back from the original reporter covering the story). Continue reading “Bt Brinjal Farmer Speaks Out”