Nobel Laureates:
Stop Bashing GMOs

Stop Bashing GMOs - golden rice
Golden Rice grain compared to white rice grain in screenhouse of Golden Rice plants. International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)

Richard J. Roberts, one of two winners of the 1993 Nobel Prize in Physiology, started a letter-writing campaign to GreenPeace to stop bashing GMOs. GreenPeace has led the charge against Golden Rice, which is higher in vitamin A and would stop much of the disease and death associated with vitamin A deficiency in poorer countries. See the article about golden rice and Greenpeace’s stand on the GM crop. The nobel laureates contend that golden rice is safe, and are pushing GreenPeace to tone down the rhetoric aimed at GMOs. GreenPeace’s argument is that there are better ways to spend the money that was used to develop crops like golden rice (vitamins, promoting a well-rounded diet, etc.). See excerpts from the letter, in its entirety on the Washington Post site.

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Stop Bashing GMOs”

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