Zika-Fighting Mosquitos


Puerto-Rican Congressman Pedro Pierluisi is pushing for Zika-fighting mosquitos to be introduced into the island to push back against the illness that plagues it. There are over 5500 people infected. There are 676 pregnant women who are infected as well. The virus can cause serious birth defects. As one might imagine, there is considerable confusion and fear regarding messing with the genes of a species. See this article about the mosquito called OX513A. When the modified male insects mate with females in the wild, 97% of the offspring do not survive. Studies in Brazil and Panama have had success rates as high as 90%. Are we smart enough to mess with mother nature in this way? The earth is a very complex ecosystem. Many feel that doing something like this can have unintended consequences. I guess we don’t know what we don’t know, and that’s what’s scary. However, there are thousands of people right now with the Zika virus who might argue otherwise, and several hundred babies to born with serious problems. Can we do nothing when we have the technology to  fix this? Read the ABC News article by Paul Blake and Gillian Mohney here.

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